change report


I’m trying to change the report lay out for sales-quote. I neet to insert a logo and a table with some columns and rows(eg- columns are qty,description,etc).

Please hlp me.


Use a picture box and define its source expression, you need to use CALCFIELD for displaying logo. Have a look on standard report like Sales Invoice or sales quote report, where company logo is displayed.

For creating table, you will have to use Horizontal and vertical lines (Use the Shape box from Toolbox).

Thank you very much for your help. I insert a table in to my report.

But still I’m unable to insert a picture. Much appreciate if you can guide me, or tell me any book or web link to get more details. I’m new to navision.


Where is your picture stored, is it in some table in NAV database or outside database?

outside the DB.

Then you need to use a “Image” from ToolBox, and then Properties (Shift+ F4) in BitMap give the path of your picture file.

The file should be on a shared drive and in .bmp format.

Thank you very much, now I can insert a picture.

If I want to store some pictures in a particuler table how can I do it. and then how I can reffer tose pictures via a report.

don’t no am i asking much![:O]