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Hello everyone,

I’m working with Nav 09 sp1 and am trying to get into the guts of Nav Reports. I understand VB pretty well but im working in the classic client to get a nice report laid out before I “create layout suggestion” and move onto Visual Studios to make the report for the Role Tailored client.

My question is that i’m trying to Customize my own version of Report 204 (Sale Quote). I was able to insert our logo to the report but now im trying to insert the Item image to the sale’s line description. I found that in the table Sale Line ( table 37) there is no connection between Item.Picture and SalesLine table so the field is not present.

I am wondering if anyone out there is familiar with these reports and how in the world can I make the connection so not only does the Item.Description get inserted into the report but also the Item.Picture.

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Well, you need to define a record variable that points to the Item table. Then look at the GET function. Don’t forget to take other types of sales lines (G/L, Resource, etc) into account so that the report doesn’t error out. Once you have some code written come back and let us know. We can point you further in the right direction if it is still not working.

Thanks for your quick replay Mr. Traxinger. I’m a complete Noob when it comes to the C/AL Editor in classic client. I just copied the current sale quote report(204) and am modifying Navs original report to fit my needs but i think im getting in way over my head. I see in the “Report - OnInitReport()” section where they declare “GLSetup.GET;CompanyINfo.GET;and SalesSetup.GET” … I guess to start I just need help on how to declare a link between the report and the Item table [*-)] …

If you’re going to be modifying reports you first need to understand the triggers, like OnInitReport or OnAfterGetRecord, in the report objects. Without that you won’t know where to place your code. There are some good articles in the Help Menu and you should be able to download any training material from CustomerSource / PartnerSource depending on where you work. In order to do what you want you will have to learn some C/AL basics as well.

I’ll walk you through this one, but it won’t help unless you go study up on your own.

Every time you retrieve a new sales line from the database (OnAfterGetRecord trigger)

If that line is an item line: IF Type = Type::Item THEN BEGIN
Get a copy of the item record: Item.GET(“No.”);
Calculate the value of the pic: Item.CALCFIELDS(Picture);
Otherwise: END ELSE
Clear the item record: CLEAR(Item);

Your picture box will point to Item.Picture.

Mr. Traxinger

[:D] Thank you SOOOOO MUCH I’m looking at training material now and we are placing a order for you book first thing monday. We just purchased Nav earlier this week and since we are a small company it was like pulling teeth to invest so much. I’m jumping with joy at this point but there is so much more work to be done before I can roll this out to the employees… Thank you tho!

hi I’m a guy who is new to this technology of erp-ms dynamics nav and current i’m in thid department and i know nothing of what i should study so that i copy with it early, i have IT backgroung and i’m at programmers side, what i should learn for fast delivery of this technoogy?

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