Inserting company logo in the report

For inserting company logo in navision ver 2.00 I am using the dataobject companyinformation and blob coloumn of that file. ITs working fine. There is any other way of inserting company logo from company information table into the header of the report.(with out using declaring dataobject)

Well, this may be stating the obvious, but you could always preprint you paper with the logo.

I dont understand what you are saying. Are you declaring the Company IOnformation as a Dataitem in a report or a C/AL Global?


Originally posted by tonyh: I dont understand what you are saying. Are you declaring the Company IOnformation as a Dataitem in a report or a C/AL Global? When I declaraing it as a Dataitem Its working fine. I want to know any other way ?

You don’t need defining a dataitem for this: Your problem should be declaring the company Information variable and trying to use the blob field directly without using previously a CALCFIELD. A correct way should be as follows: var RMyCompanyInfo : Record CompanyInformation OnPreDataitem or header’s onPresection CLEAR(RMyCompanyInfo); RMyCompanyInfo.RESET; RMyCompanyInfo.GET; RMyCompanyInfo.CALCFIELDS(Image); Regards, – Alfonso Pertierra Spain

Alfonso correctly explained the way to use the Company Info table as a variable, a dataitem isn’t needed. Remember to set the source of the picturebox on the report to the Image field. And, one further hint, remember that Navision is capable of sizing the picture depending on screen resolution or the printer resolution. The latter one is much higher and should be used to calculate the size of the source picture. If the logo is 1 inch wide, and the printer prints with 600 dpi, then the bitmap size should be 600 pixels wide too. However, without precautions, the image on screen would become far too large. The solution to this problem is to tell Navision what the resolution, a.ka. the “real world size”, is. This involves setting a few bytes in the file, for which I have developed a nice convertor program (within Navision). If you (or anybody else) is interested, drop me a mail for a copy. John

John, Can you send your little MOD to me at Regards Tony

Hi apertierra Its working. Thank you very much for your valuable help. Mr. Johns Comm’ts also helpfull. Hi John can you send me the program which you developed for conversion. My email id

The file has been sent to those who requested it. To make the BMP Resolution Convertor easier available for anyone, it has been uploaded to today. John