Change column visiblity dynamically in Sales Order Subform page


I’m pretty new to Nav, even more so to RTC. Very happy I found this group!

I’m converting a customized Sales Order Subform from classic to RTC. In the form, some columns are made invisible based on a value set in the Sales Order header. This works fine in classic but not in RTC. The code conversion looks good but as I discovered from another user on this site, the visible property for the controls are evaluated only when the page is opened. Even if I set the visible variable I’m using as soon as the Sales Order document is opened, the OpenPage trigger fires in the subform before I get a chance to call my SetVisible function so the visible property never gets changed.

I was able to make this work on the Sales Order itself by adding the controls to a new group and setting the visible of that group. That works great. I tried the same thing with the subform but no joy.

I hope my description is clear enough. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I have this same problem. I see you posted this a while ago. Did you ever come right? Please let me know.

You can control the visibility with a variable. So you would have a boolean called IsVisible, set the Visible property to IsVisible, and the set that variable in the code. I don’t if you will encounter the same problems as above, but the way I am describing doesn’t sound like the way the original poster did it.

Howdy! Never mind. I found out that you’ve got to go to the properties of the boolean variable, e.g.: ShowLineAmount and then change the property “IncludeInDataSet” to “Yes” and then it works 100%.

@Matt Traxinger: Hi Matt,

Sorry, I didn’t see your post before I posted again. What you say is what is normally done but this doesn’t work on a Subform Page. So what you say will only work if you set the “IncludeInDataset” property of the “IsVisible” variable to “Yes”.



You will also need to refresh the subpage via code in RTC, which i am sure will work.