Dynamically display columns in subform

Will I violate Navision Standard if I were to add a Label and Option Control in SubForm ie between Table Box and Menu Buttons on Header/Line Form such as Sales Invoice? This is because I need to change the display of columns in Table Box dynamically during run time such as making some columns visible and other columns invisible upon clicking on the Option Control. The Option Control is a text box which had OptionString property set. Perhaps someone can show me how I can trigger from the Main Form instead. To be clear, I am trying to display different number of columns based on a transaction for example FA or Drop shipment and the number of columns in Sales Line located in Sales & Receivable Invoice. As I couldn’t trigger from Main Form, I had to add a control on SubForm to do the triggering. Thanks in advance.

After reading all threads in this forum (whew…), I found that the thread titled “Dynamic relationship to subform” serves a very good purpose for this thread. The difference is only to set the control text box in Table Box of the SubForm with property Visible dynamically at OnActivateForm. :smiley: TQ to all contributors. Excellant !!

At onopenform subformtrigger: currform.columnA.visible( ); … currform.columnZ.visible( );

In Subform you must create procedure ‘SetFormColumns([Conditions])’. This procedure contains many ‘CurrForm.“Column Name”.VISIBLE(TRUE)’ or ‘CurrForm.“Column Name”.VISIBLE(FALSE)’. From main form call (from some OnValidate() trigger) ‘CurrForm.SubFormControl.FORM.SetFormColumns(…)’ Business Applications Programmer Sertified Navision Developer SIA “Sintegra” Latvia