Certified NSCs

Hi, How many NSCs have been certified in UK (according to MBS new policy) Do you think MBS will be strict for this According to MBS weekly newsletter, Non-Certified NSCs will not be able to place orders and will be blocked Temporarily. Will employees still be able to attend the trainings ?

Hi Ajay I believe around a month ago it was 10 NSC’s - but I expect a rather large rush before the deadline. As for the strictness of Microsoft I expect it to be more stringent than Navision of old, previously if you were a big NSC you could (so I heard [:D]) bend the rules, maybe this will not be the case with Microsoft. However only time will tell, although I expect some fall out, especially from smaller NSC’s who perhaps do not have the personnel to take a SQL exam and perhaps never had 5 NCR’s but were “allowed” to sell the product, after all a sale is a sale! As for the training it may depend upon the NSC’s contract, but this will all change in the near future as MBS have been looking to outsource training since July last year. It is a bit of a catch 22 really - you are not qualified so we will not let you come on the training so you can sit the exams and become certified! In the future training will be charged for (probably) so everyone can attend, and I would guess, you’ll be able to attend whilst trying to become certified.

Thanks Steven, I am already NCR and Recently I have cleared Programming and Essential Exam. but I do not think my company is able to fullfill the conditions to keep the NSC so I need to do only onething that is change my employer [:D]

Hi Ajay I will ask the the question out of curiosity - if you are a qulaified NCR why did you sit the Essentials exam? Your NCR qualification meant you could leap frog it to the Financial Management exam (if you passed it prior to November 22nd[?]). Did you just want to extend your knowledge? I think, but I could be wrong, good Navision people are in short supply, its just a case of knowing if the demand exists! Good luck

Hi Steven, I knew that I do not need to do Essential Exam but if company is paying then I do not mind to sit [8D]. Have you got your certificates. I am chasing Navision UK

Hi Ajay I passed the Financial Management exam in May, but have a feeling it took 2-3 months for the certificate to find its way to me!

Hi steven! Is it compulsary to get NCR…am from an NSC in India…they didn’t have yet asked me to get certified…something fishy? help me pls…and how cvan i prepare for it…can i attend Training at NAVision India…even if the NSC doesn.t send me there…?looking for ur guidance…

Hi Ajay The NCR is an accreditation that is being phased out and replaced by the individual exams. My belief is Microsoft are trying to standardise requirements across products and markets, so theoretically we will have a global standard, but I am unsure where this is, or if it will ever be achieved. From the UK perspective we require the following: MS SQL Server 1 Financial Management 3 (NCR counts until April 2003) Programming 1 At least I think that was what it was from memory. As from sometime in November if you have not got these you cannot sell it.

What’s the Financial Management Exam? I passed the NCR test in 1996, so can I wouldn’t mind getting this new certification. Is there an “expiry” date on this leap frog exam.

Hi Ajay, I think Microsoft has not acquired Navision India, once Microsoft will take over then all NSCs will have to

Hi David I am afraid I am unsure of the position relating to the US - just that in the UK the NCR will become an unrecognised certification in April 2004. The US has listed exams on the www.vue.com site as follows: US 00-003 Gateway to Navision Attain US 01-010 Financial Management US 02-009 Manufacturing Prequalification US 02-010 Manufacturing US 03-010 Attain CRM US 03-020 CRM Marketing & Sales US 05-010 Navision Attain Programming In the UK a big recertification push has been made since Microsoft came in and they are doing this under a “global” banner, so perhaps the good old NCR is dead in the US as well [:(]. From my experience the NCR is somewhere between the first two exams.

Hi Steven, I may have been a little unclear. I mean’t the UK, not the US. I just want to keep my UK certification in tact. So really I was asking about the current situation in the UK. Please also keep in mind that NCR has no meaning outside of Europe.

Hi David Well to become personnally qualified, which theoreticaly you now can do with remote testing, your NCR current qualification means you can sit the Financial Management exam (GB), which is considered the equivalent, I suppose, as the NCR. After April 2004, you would need to pass the Essentials exam to sit the Financial Management exam. However I am unsure if these are stringent or suggested pre-requisites. I think with the “global” approach if you are qualified to Financial Management in one country, it will show a level of knowledge that is common, although naturally each country has its own twists on a theme. So I suppose to answer your question - you would need to sit the GB Financial Management exam to keep your GB qualiication upto date as the NCR will not be recognised after April 2004 (Although the NCR here is only really counted towards NSC accreditation, as the new exams are, and as yours presumably is not used by a UK company, you could keep your NCR and argue the point [:)]). Can I ask why you want/require UK accreditation? Thanks for the NCR note as well, I did not know it was Europe only, I am still confused over the different approaches and accreditations in all the countries in the world!

Hi Steven, basically one of my main sources of business is training NSCs, and I can train better if I know what the Navision expectations. Of course I never train people to pass exams, I train them how to implement sucessful systems, but I like to keep upto date.