Programming Exam

Ive just passed the Programming exam and wondered if i am now eligble for a Developers Licence? Ive read a lot saying that a pre-requisite is not only passing the exam but attending a course aswell? I’ve got the old NCR exam aswell (if that actually means anything) Also, there are some postings saying that licences will be issued to the NSC as a whole rather than on an individual basis once the NSC has become fully accredited? Finally, when booking the exam there was another GB exam avaliable called : GB 05-011 : Attain Development v.3.01 - Any ideas what this is for???

Hi Simon I think things are still being worked out. The developers exam is the natural progression for the UK to catch up with the rest of the world, but I think this should come after the developers course as I believe it does in the rest of the world. You’ll have to ask your account manager regarding the license issue, but if you get an answer do please post it. At the end of it all congratulations on passing the exam. [:D]

Thanks Steve, although i have to say it follows traditional Navision exams by asking some really c**p questions. Financial Managament Exam here I come!

Simon, I aksed the same question as yourself to the licence people at Navision after passing the programming exam last month. At the present moment in time the exam pass will not qualify you for a licence. It is still granted by the old method i.e upgrading an existing licence to solution developer by attending all of the developers courses. I was advised that this situation is going to change after a review of the personal licencing scheme which is currently in progress and it was hinted the the programming exam would then determine the granting of the solution developer granule. This still suggests that you need to pass Financial Management or Essentials to get a licence in the first place. I suppose this makes sense because as you know, as soon as you drop into the C/SIDE IDE you are dealing with business logic so you really should have some application knowledge to do this safely. Don’t feel hard done to as even those of us with NCR based licences must take the Financial Management exam before the NCR expires in November! Regards, Chris.

Finally got an updated licence, only to find it doesn’t contain the solution developer granule. Looks like you’re right Chris, the only way to get a FULL development licence is to take the course.

Just thought I would comment … I have been on most of the courses (last 1 - Base Solution Developer) & now have a full (I think) license. The license gets updated every time you attend a training course. All well & good, apart from I have just been made redundant !!![:(] Any jobs out there ???[?] Cheers Anton. Manchester

The developer exam isn’t that bad. Just becareful to filter out the BS or you’ll get lost. Of course the skill of filtering out BS comes from the real world as well… =)

I took the programming exam yesterday (and passed). I was wondering however what the difference is between the programming exam and the development exam except that development seems to be targetted at 3.10.

I found it important to aim at answering 60 questions in the first hour (it’s a 2-hour, 100-question exam). The last 20 questions concerned a case study which took quite some time. I failed the exam simply because I ran out of time, when I did only 50 questions in the first hour. A colleague of mine had the same problem. In Development, it’s not just C/AL and CSIDE, though you still need to know that. There are questions, say, about the role of the Developer and the Analyst. You get points only if you tick the answer that agrees with the Navision manual, even if in your company the Analyst has a slightly different role. Oh, and don’t tick an answer that corresponds with the role of a consultant - “Navision Consultant in Development” is just a title. Alastair

My Developer exam was way easier to pass than the Programmer exam. I failed the programmer exam the first go round but because I was close (78%) I was allow to attend the developer course. I had to write the programmer exam again on the last day of the developer course (which I passed) and then wrote my developer exam the following Monday. My developer exam was made up of three questions and was 8 hours long. The questions were long and we actually created objects and modified code. I had to document everything (the Navision way) and save my work as a FOB and in text format. I wasn’t in my home town so I had the ‘luxury’ of being able to study every night and on the weekend. I went through the in class exercises over and over again and the exam was similarly structured so it wasn’t a problem. Cheers, Django