New MBS Certification

Has anybody got some infomation on the new proposals issued by Microsoft for the MBS certifications??? I understand that a “navision Resellers” will have to have 2 employees competent in 3 exams - A financial exam a development exam and microsofts Standard SQL administration Exam (Jack of all trades???) So looks as though we might as well say Goodbye to the old native platform then! Anybody know anything more - different???

am i a million miles off with what i have stated here or is there some truth in it? surely someone must know about the proposed certification within the UK.

Hi Andrew Talking about shifting sands! You need to have the following as of last year - this is from memory: Minimum of two individuals covering 5 exams. Three of these are mandatory: 1. Financial Management Exam (Essentials is required to take this) 2. Development Exam 3. Installing, configuring and administering SQL Server 2000 or MBS equivalent. Theoretically this could be one person. The two further exams are of choice, so you could have two other people, both sitting Financial Management, or any combination. However this is now being aligned with the Microsoft Certified Partner Program. I believe all of this was discussed on the recent partner days. If you have access to the partnersource UK website you can see all of the recent documentation on this issue.