Navision Essentials exam

Hi I am due to take the Navision Essentials exam at the end of this week. I am having trouble finding any information about the format of the exam on the microsoft/mbs website. If there is anyone who has done it recently and knows e.g. time limit, number of questions, pass mark, multiple choice or not etc. I would be grateful if you could let me know. I would feel much more prepared if I went in knowing what I am facing. I am doing the UK version if that makes a differance. Thanks

Hellow, There are 40 multiple choice questions and 60 minutes to answer. The multiple choice is 1 of 4 or 5 possible answers or 2 of 7 or 3 of 9. The essentials PDF is what you need to read for this purpose.

Hi Debbie I am not sure if you are associated with an NSC or not, but if you are then you should have access to the partnersource site: After this go to Training, and Exam & Certification here you have exam outlines and sample questions for all of the courses offered - you will need to search for yours of course. I think MBS is caught at the moment, you need NSC affiliation to attend casues, the natural step prior to teh exam, but the exams are public. It seems the preparation material is not, although having access, I do not search the public site!

Thanks for your help. I was going to the partnersource web site rather than great plains. I would have thought they would be the same but I could not find the exam outline page from there.

You never know but one day they may actually sort it out so it is easy to use [:D]

Hi, I will take my Navision Essentials exam next week and im a bit woried about the format of the exam. Has anybody got any multiple choice questions to show me? Thanx

Hi Chris The offcial reply is as follows: MBS Certification Exam – Sample Questions Navision - Essentials These sample questions are designed to give you a taster of the format and level of questions that you will be asked in your certification exam. Please note that in each exam the questions are drawn randomly from a database, so no two exams will be the same. 1) Your customer wants the address to be printed in the format: Beverly Hills, CA 90210, when they print invoices to customers in the USA. In which table and in which field will you set this up? A: General Ledger Setup, Local Address Format B: Sales & Receivables Setup, Address Format C: General Ledger, Setup, General, Countries, Address Format D: General Ledger, Post Codes, Address Format 2) To specify the number by which you would like to increment the numbers in a number series, you must click: A: General Ledger, Setup, No. Series, Relationships B: General Ledger, Setup, General Ledger Setup, Numbering Tab C: General Ledger, Setup, No. Series, Series, Lines D: Sales & Receivables, Setup, Sales & Receivables Setup, Numbering Tab 3) In the Copy Data window, which you open from the Setup Checklist, you can copy data from: A: An ASCII file created by a Navision Attain dataport B: A Navision Attain object file (.fob file) C: A company in any Navision Attain database D: A company in the same database that you are working in 4) Which feature allows you to find all related transactions throughout Navision Attain for the entry highlighted? A: Drilldown B: Statistics C: Find D: Navigate 5) Which combination of posting groups make up the General Posting Setup? (Select TWO answers) A: General business posting groups B: Customer posting groups C: Vendor posting groups D: General product posting groups E: Inventory posting groups F: Fixed assets posting groups G: Job posting groups

Hi Steven, Can you provide me with some sample questions for the Overview test ? Regards…

Hi Francis I am afraid in the UK currently we only have the following exams: Essentials, Financial Management and Programming, and example questions for these. Sorry [:(]

Hello, I have to take the Prorgamming test do you have any info on US 05-010?

Only the five example questions. The advice seems to be attend the course and read the manual. [:D]

As I suspected. My current employer will only pay for study material for this exam and not the actual course. I have downloaded the solutions_programming.pdf from Hopefully this will help, and thanks for your input.