Cannot get licence to change


We are running Navision Attain 3.60 (and can’t upgrade at the present) on a 10 year old server. Unfortunately no-one knows a great deal about the technical side of Navision. I have been tasked with moving the software and database to new hardware, which I have done.

My problem is when a user logs in they are told that they only have the Cronus license and can’t create any company’s. I then import our license and open the database and everything works. However the next time they logon they get the same message. While this is not stopping anyione working it is causing some frustration so I would be grateful for some help with this.


If you have SQL database, upload your license to it. If Native - check what license is Navision server using after move to new hardware. If you will change .FLF file its not enough for Navision server - you must restart the service.

What license you have at workstations, doesn’t matter, as after logging on server side license is used.


We have an SQL database. Which service do I need to restart?

As you have SQL Server, so (Tools>> Licence Information >> Upload) should suffice.

Service re-starting is required for Native server.