2 Newbie questions -base company and license permissions


I am quite new to Navision. Our company is a Microsoft Certified Partner with the ISV competency (not MBS). Microsoft changed the license grants for this kind of partnership so that we are allowed to use a couple of licenses, too since beginning of last week.

So, I have two qestions:

  1. When I setup a new database and add a new mandator (in german its mandant) there is nothing in it. Aren´t there any kinds of templates or do I have to copy the Cronus database??

  2. I wanted to change and add some objects in the object editor. Although I gave the role “super” to my user account I get an error message when I try to open up any object that I have no access rights.

Any help is appreciated.

Best regards, Chris

At least the objects. You may open the Cronus database, go to Object Designer, select all and export they as a fob, then open the new database, and import the fob.

An other, maybe easier way, is to create a new company in the Cronus database and start filling the tables - you may use form 531 to copy some of the basic setup from the Cronus company, but don’t cheat too much, you are there to learn not to copy! [:)]

Did you import one the licences you said you were allowed to use?
Which kind of licences are they, do they include granules 7,200 and 7,300?
Even so, you are allowed to create new objects only in the 50,000-99,9999 range.

Hello Anna,

thanks a lot.

Yes, I imported the licenses. But I am not so shure what I am allowed to do. Here are the relevant lines from the license file. Can you explain to me what we are allowed to do? Are we allowed to use the Application Builder??

Thanks, Chris

Granule list has been removed due to space limit.
Granule ID Name Anzahl Abl.Dtm.

Maximum No. of Sessions
Total…: 1,021
Any…: 21
Application Server…: 1,000
NAVI Hub…: 1
Maximum No. of satellites…: 0
maximum No. of WEB users…: 10

Maximum No. of Servers
Total…: 2
Any…: 1

Maximum Database Size…: 131,072
Maximum No. of Companies…: 10,000,011

No of Trans…: 2
Maximum…: 999
License File Version…: 1.05

Current(SN List) Last (License)
Configurator…: 30,001 30,001
Generator…: 30,000 30,000
Manager…: 30,000 30,000

Total Value…: 0
Total Added Value…: 0
Total Maintain Value…: 0
Total Paid Value…: 0
Last Value Added…: 0
Last Maintain Added…: 0
Conversion Base…: 0
Transfer Base…: 0
Maintainance Base…: 0
No of Purchased Granules…: 3
Granule ID Ver. Granule Text Qty. Paid Qty.
600 3 Navision Solution Center Basic Level 1 1
Current(SN List) Last (License)
Discount Master SN…:
Affiliate Discount %…:
Volume Discount %…:
Discount Group Size…:
Maintenance Discount %…:

No of Notes…:

Custom Area Objects.
Purchased Tables…: 10
Purchased Forms…: 100
Purchased Reports…: 100
Purchased Dataports…: 100
Purchased Codeunits…: 100
Purchased XMLPorts…: 0
Assigned Tables…: 10
Assigned Forms…: 100
Assigned Reports…: 100
Assigned Dataports…: 100
Assigned Codeunits…: 100
Assigned XMLPorts…: 0
Table Data

50,000-50,009 RIMDX


50,000-50,099 RIMDX


50,000-50,099 RIMDX


50,000-50,099 RIMDX


50,000-50,099 RIMDX

Look for this entry in the license file.

7,200 Application Builder

These are the object nos. you can create. Without the granules list I can’t say anything more. [:)]

Check if you are a solution provider with a developer license.
Did someone in your company pass the developers C/side exam?
They should have received a developers license.
You can use that one.
Import the license and go to any form you have open ex: CUSTOMER CARD, select the top menu TOOLS → DESIGNER.
Did you see the designer screen?.
Next try going into the coding in the form select the top menu VIEW → CAL CODE.
Were you able to get into the section coding? If so, you have a developers license.
Otherwise you can only make simple changes on the forms.
You can make new reports or copy existing reports and change them yourself, then save them in the 50,000 to 50,099 range.
If you are new to development. Look at the CD 4.0 that came with it. The developer manuals comes with all CD’s of Navision. Yes, the cliente gets the same CD and manuals too.
Enjoy the reading and remember to test in a TEST database.