Crashed Server - subsequent license problems

I have a problem with a customer on 2.6. Their system crashed yesterday and an engineer has been on site restoring it today. However, when they now try to reconnect to Navision, they receive one of two errors. These are along the lines of; 1) Your license does not permit you to use a database of this size. 2) Another user is already connected to this database. Either of these errors would suggest to me there is some issue with the .FLF, however, as far as I’m aware (and I am trusting other peoples information here as I have not been on site and do not have any kind of remote access) the same license file is in the same network location and the server shares etc are all setup the same. Can someone just confirm the following or put me right please The proper .FLF file needs to be on the server in the same directory as the database resides. I think this is the scenario on this machine, in which case I don’t understand why this license isn’t being used when the clients connect. It almost seems from the information I’m getting that the workstations are using the licences for the CRONUS demo company. I’d appreciate any replies as it will prevent me having to make a 300 mile round trip over the weekend! Yours hopefully Gary


Can someone just confirm the following or put me right please The proper .FLF file needs to be on the server in the same directory as the database resides.

As far as I know, the FLF file must be in the same folder as the server’s EXE file, not the DB folder.

Hi Naji, thanks for the quick response Again, the problem is I can’t actually see the machine in question, but the information I have is that Navision is on D drive, and only C drive was restored, therefore the application (and accompanying license file) are still in their original locations.

Gary, Is the navision server installed as a service and is the service running? /Karl

I would suggest that he re-imports the license file under Tools–>License Information. He should make a second copy of FIN.FLF file at a local folder and import that, rather than browsing to the server’s folder. This is to avoid getting permission denied errors. Also, he has to verify that Navision service is running in Administrative Tools–>Services. He must restart the service for the changes to take effect. Good luck!

Firstly you do not have “a” problem, you have a number of completely unrelated problems (at least two and probably more), that are being put into the same box. You need to resolve them individually. The error with the database in use is probably because the client logging in trying to change databases, and the server is already accessing a different one. The FLF file is obviously in the wrong directory. Go to the server search ALL drives for ALL *.FLF files, and everywhere you find a file, replace it with the correct one. This is not the right way to do it, but this seems urgent, so this should at least get you moving. You also need to see if there are other issues. We probably have a different idea of what an Engineer is, and it looks lihe the on site “engineer” needs some assistance to make sure that you get this system up safe secure and quickly. Good luck.

Hi all, The engineer on site is an MCSE, network engineer chap of some experience. However, he is not a Navision engineer, so he is purely trying to assist with the issue presented to him. Either myself or one of my colleagues are probably going to have to visit the site over the weekend. Fortunately, they are a Monday to Friday outfit, so we do have the weekend to sort the problem out. They are running Navision as a service, and apparently the service is running. I agree David that there probably are a number of issues at play here. I’m hoping to get enough pointers before I get to the site to give me something to go at, and the comments so far have certainly pointed out a couple of things to check. Many thanks for the help so far. I will be back on over the weekend with an update.

sounds like an important enough client to send a Navision qualified person out there. These sound like lots of little issues that could be fixed with a few days of discussions, or just a few hours of experienced person on site.

I’m now on site addressing the problem. The license file is in the same location as the executable. I’m not used to actually setting up the service with adminstrative tools. When you start the service, how does it know which database to serve? Do you need to specify the database location in the parameter field? It seems to me that when the clients are attempting to connect to the server, they don’t know what database to connect to. Any suggestions? Thanks

Bit more information. As I have said before, Navision is running as a service. This appears to be running without any problems. Also on the server is a .bat file (fin.bat) which contains the following statement only. start \navision\fin\client\fin nettype=tcp,servername=Navision,Database=d:\navision\databases\database.fdb,objectcache=10000,id=\navision\fin\zup%1,temppath=%TEMP% As far as I’m concerned, this will open the correct database. Each client PC then has a shortcut to the batch file, which is what the user runs when they initialise Navision. If I click on one of these shortcuts, I get the splash screen showing me the correct license. I then receive the message “You cannot use such large databases with this license.” The license name is now the CRONUS/John Roberts demo license. Why are the correct license and database not being picked up from the server? As I said in my previous post, the license is definately in the same library as the executable. Thanks in anticipation Gary

Bit more information I’ve discovered that if I run the server in a Window (i.e. just run the Server.exe), I get the familiar DOS window, and it shows the correct db name etc. Multiple clients can then connect to this without a problem. This at least provides me with a work around, but why is this working and not the Service?

Hi, It seems that Navision service is not running. The one that you ran in a command prompt may not be okay. Navision service MAY have different parameters assigned to it by those who installed Navision server. You can see if that is the case by right clicking on Navision service and choose Properties. Look at “path to executable”, this shows the command line including any parameters. Please close all clients, and then close the server.exe that you ran, then start Navision service as shown below. Go to Start–>Control Panel–>Administrative Tools–>Services, and look for a service that has the name “Navision” in it. Check if it was started, if not, start it after following the procedure below. Also, do not run the client on the same server unless you know what you are doing. The client might open the DB file directly(locally), bypassing the server, this would lock the file and prevent Navision service from opening it. In such a case, Navision service would auto stop itself. The batch file that you have shown will tell the client to use a Navision server, rather than opening the file locally, so it’s okay to use. To find the correct license file, make sure that you clear “Hide extensions for known file types” in Windows Explorer–>Tools–>Folder Options–>View. Next, search for *.flf files. Open them in Notepad(But don’t save them), the first part of the file mention the company name, it must not have the name Cornus in it. When you find the correct file, rename it to “fin.flf” and copy it to both the EXE folder and the database folder, just to be sure. After copying the file, start or restart Navision service for the changes to take effect.

Hey skippy, try this. Go to the directlry where you launch the DOS window. At this point, enter the start command exactly as yo do, but at the end, add the following command … INSTALLASSERVICE everything shoudl be the same, except that he service will now install annd run. then go to services, and check that it is installed and running.

Hi fellas, this is my first day back in the office since the weekend, so is the chance I’ve had to reassess the problem. At present, the client is running with the Navision Server in a DOS window as described previously. It is not ideal, but at least allows them to run until I can get to the bottom of things. It is presenting a small problem with regard to the nightly backup, but they are aware how to work around it. Nelson and David, I am going to take your comments and experiment with them on our setup here. Hopefully I will be able to replicate the problem and resolve it. Thanks again for all the help so far. It was a life saver on Sunday when I was on site. Will be back in touch when I get to the bottom of things.

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Nelson, I think that you offer such good help, that people just expect that you helped [8D][^][:D] Skippy, these issues are pretty straight forward install issues, and you and our company (I guess you are an NSC) need to get to a point where you an just do these types of fixes in your sleep. Basically get a test server and start playing.

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