Uploading the license in SQL

I have a SQL client that moved their Navision installation to a new server. Now when the users open Navision they get a message that they can only open one demonstation company and it must have Cronus in the name, blah, blah, blah. My first thought was that the Cronus license was installed so I check the License Information, their license is shown. They can change the license which is their workaround for now. The Upload option is not active in the License info so I can’t reset the license. Can someone tell me how I can fix this?

Are you logged in as Super User? Login as a Super User, Change the license and then try to upload the license. Naveen Jain

Hello Karen, Three quick things to check 1.Have you loaded the stored procedure from the Navision CD onto the New Server. 2.We have had problems with SQL server installations of Navision where a licence has already been uploaded to the SQL Server and we want to update the licence. To solve this problem we have had to drop the $ndo$property table from the Master Database (not the Navision Company Database) prior to uploading the new licence from a client. 3.As Naveen mentioned do you have appropriate permissions within Navision and on the SQL Server ? p.s. At the risk of teaching my granny to suck eggs take a full backup of the master database prior to using Option 2. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help. Next time I’m onsite I will try your suggestions.[:D]

The license is uploaded! This is one for the “Doh” files. [:I]

A few additions: the extended stored procedure is used only for windows authenticated logins, for enumerating a windows user’s groups. It has no relation to the license file on the server. Instead of dropping [$ndo$srvproperty], if you want to avoid using SQL tools, you can use License Information/Change in Navision to change locally to a license file you wish to upload to the server. Then connect to the server/database - the license on the server will not be used after you have done Change. Then Upload the license as usual.

Hello Robert, I agree with the normal procedure for uploading the file to the server. However with the issue I was referring to using the change licence followed by uploading to the connected server had no effect. No matter how many times you performed the procedure the new licence was not uploaded to the server The example I am reffering to was using Database Logins and could only be resolved by dropping the table. The normal upload licence then worked fine. I was advised of this issue by a colleague who had found it on a user group.