Cancel outstanding qty on POrder & SOrder

Hi all, How do we do about cancelling an outstanding qty on a PO and a SO? i.e Qty ordered 10 and qty received is 8 and the supplier will not deliver the remaining 2. How do we mark the PO as closed? The same applies to Sales order. Qty ordered by client is 10 and qty shipped is 7, the remaining qty will not be shipped. I want to mark the sales order as closed.

Set Qty ordered = Qty received/shipped This sets Outstanding Qty = 0 Hope this helps.

Hi Gary You may want to use the search functionality to give you more insight before posting. Recently the following topic was discussed: This may help you as well.

No problem as for ‘normal’ Sales and Purchase orders. But what about Drop Shipments? We often run into this problem with this type of orders, and can only close the orders by invoicing the remaining (not received/delivered amount) and again make a credit memo for it. This is because a Sales Line or Purchase Line Qty. of type ‘Drop Shipment’ cannot be changed after having received/delivered on it! Or am I overseeing something?

Hi All, Since no replies have been made since my last cry for help, I assume this is really a ‘gap’ in Navision’s functionality? Or have things been changed lately?

Hi Michiel I thought we discussed this somewhere else, but yes once you process against the purchase order in the DS there is no going back from what I can see!

Drop ships are one area in Navision that really are not perfect. They work very logially and correctly, but often do not reflect real life requirements. Often you may find it better to use special orders than Drop Shipments. PS I am pretty sure your NSC/VAR told you this before you purcahsed navision right?


PS I am pretty sure your NSC/VAR told you this before you purcahsed navision right?
Originally posted by David Singleton - 2005 Nov 05 : 01:43:55

Well, David, I guess this particular detail slipped through then [8D] We now deliver the remaining quantity, invoice it and credit it again. Not very comfortable, but it works. Perhaps this will be solved in Dynamics version 2.5 in 2008? [:D] Thanks for the replies anyway.

[B)] Yes its odd how vertian facts get missed. I am sure they just were not aware that you planned in using drop ships [:D] Anyway, if it just happens occasionally, you can ge the NSC to manually reduce the quantity. If its a common thing,then its a pretty straight forward mod, but you need to make sure it is tested well, since there are a lot of conditions you need to test before changing the quantity.