Modify Drop Shipments

The Situation: We have created a Sales Order (with drop shipment) and the associated purchase order for an item with quantity 100.
The suppliers delivers (partly) 20 pieces (in Navision: reception of goods and shipment of 20).
Now we realize that it is the wrong item, so we want to cancel the remaining 80 pieces (on both the sales- and the purchase order).
Undo shipment and undo reception don’t work with drop shipments.
Neither can I change the quantity (on sales- or purchase order) from 100 to 20.

Any ideas how I can do it efficiently?
The solution I have so far: Receive and ship and invoice the entire quantitiy, do a credit and create a new sales- and purchase order. Does not really seem to be a good solution.

Thanks four any input!

I am probably the last person to say “this should be standard”, or “this might be a bug”, but this is one of those cases.

It just makes no sense that you can’t cnacel a part drop ship. But as you know, the only solution, is credits.

I see why they do this, since there are just so many things to check before cancelling, but if its simply a case of the vendor not shipping, then Navision should allow the quantity to be reduced.

Only realy solution is to get out your screwdrivers and spanners.

The one word description of drop shipments after a single posting is “inflexible”

Its a full run through and credit back out I am afraid. I agree with David on the processing, its nice, but it could be so much better. If only all humans were perfect, this could solve the issue . . . .