Remainder Qty

I want to know if there is any option in NAV 2013 in which i can cancel the remaining quantity in my purchase which would not be received any more.

I have an item A of which the quantity was 500 pcs, now i have received 360 pcs out of it and the balance quantity which is 140 pcs will never be received.

How can i close the PO with the remaining quantity also tracked?

For such scenario there is no option to cancel the PO for partial received material . You can amend the PO and change the qty.

In “Purchases & Payables Setup”, look at field “Default Qty. to Receive”.
Is this something you can use?

The field is used when entering a value into Quantity. At the initial entering and when posting.

how your company is using po whether it is in house consumption or out house consumption ?i want to know how the quantity is receiving …then i try to solve it MR yuneeksi

It is an out house consumption. we are purchasing the material and the n consuming it.

But i am unable to use this field as it would effect my other purchase order’s too.

first u have to return the material what ever u send to vendor , go to subcontracting order of that PO and go to Line–>order subcontracting → in that Delivery details → filed (Qty .at vendor must be equal to zero , if not equal to zero then try to equal to zero ) after that in that header part u have to close the status ,then after words come back to our PO and changes the status …it will changes for partially quantity and po also closed in po automatically when u changed status .