Sales Shipment - Quantities


Been reading various posts regarding shipments and going into Negative Inventory

Basically if we have an item on a purchase order that hasnt yet been received and we then goto a sales order and ship it ships the entire order and puts the item in negative.

Is there a way that Nav will only put the qty to ship that it actually has in stock (ie if a Purcahse Order is part received Nav will onyl ship the stock that was received)

I can see in Sales and Receivables setup it is possible to make Nav leave the qty to ship either remainder or blank but this does not help.

One way round was to use Reservation but that is quite long winded.

This is practically impossible, especially in multiuser environment,.and this refers to all software, dealing with stock management, not only Navision

You never can know the Qty on stock AT THIS EXACT moment. Imagine, the code checked there is, say 5 kg’s on stock and reduced your shipment qty to 5kg from planned earlier 10kg. Then you tamper around your sales order for a minute or two, maybe print it - meanwhile somebody else posts a shipment of part or all of these 5kg - all your checking was in vain, as available Qty already has changed.

If you want to be sure you’ll have the requested Qty still available on stock, Reservation is your ONLY guaranteed way.