Drop shipment

Hi. Secenario: I create an SO with 10 items. I then create an PO (through Drop Shipment), which will have 10 items. Then I send a request (I print out the PO) to the vendor for these 10 items. The vendor says he can deliver 9 items. So, I try to change quantity on the PO to 9, I can’t do that because Navision says the line is connected to an SO. If I try to change quantity on the SO I can’t do that, the line is connected to an PO. Catch 22? I know I can change the "quantity, to be deliverd "an things like that. But this will create a parital delivery. I just want to change the quantity, period. Does anyone have any ideas? Best regards, Thomas Jensen Norway.

What will you do with the remaining 1? Navision simply does not let you change the PO if it is connected to a SO. You can change that if you want, you can update the quantity in the SO if you change the PO. This should be quite simple. If you don’t want this, a problem can be that when you post the PO, a Sales Shipment is created for all 10 Items, you have to figure out a solution for that, e.g. update the quantity to ship with 9 instead of 10. This still leaves you with 1 item? Do you want to create a new PO for this? In short: The complications are huge if you want to change the drop shipment functionality in Navision. Succes. Mark

Basically with Drop Shipments in Navision, either they fit your needs 100% or 0%, there just does not seeem to be a happy medium. If they fit your needs, you are fine, but if you need to make even the slightest deviation from the offered functionality, then it seems you have no chance. Your best bet in this situation is to create a function that wll allow you to close out part shipped Drop ships. Then once you know that Drop ship is as complete as it will ever be, use the function to manually close out the orders.

I was having the same problem recently. The standard way (I was told by MBS Support) seems to be to delete the Purchase Order, change your quantity in the Sales Order, and then create another Drop Shipment. Since this is a bit of work, I made changes to the functionality. The client now inserts the changed Quantity in the “Qty. to Ship” field of the Purchase Order, and when he then posts the delivery of the Purchase Order, a function gets called, that updates the Quantity in the Purchase Order and the Sales Order. Hope this helps a bit. Daniel

Is there a way to break the link between the SO and PO, rather than deleting the entire PO? That way, you could break the link and delete the lines on the sales order but maintain the PO#. Next, update the sales order… and then finally go back to the PO and use the drop shipment|get SO function.

Thanks for the help

I’ve had some success with going into the table and making the field’s editable property to yes for the Purchase Order No. and Purchase Order line No. but it’ll depend on what stage the order is in.

Hi Daniel

I need to make this exact same change for a customer down here in New Zealand.

I am sure I can figure it out but can you share the code and where you did it.