C/Front restore

Hi peeps, I’m trying to write a small c/front application which will create a database from a restore file. I’ve already determined that the first portion of the .fbk is textual, it simply lists the objects as they appear when you click “All” from Object Designer. Here is an extract from the first 10 lines: - TableData 3 Payment Terms CRONUS UK Ltd. Table 3 Payment Terms 17/12/01 12:00:00 1568 NAVW13.10 TableData 4 Currency CRONUS UK Ltd. Table 4 Currency 26/07/02 12:00:00 22156 NAVW13.60,NAVGB3.01 TableData 5 Finance Charge Terms CRONUS UK Ltd. So you have the object type { TableData | Table | Form | Report | Codeunit }. ObjectID, ObjectName, CompanyName, Date, Time, BLOB Size. The only complication is making an assumption of what comes next? The next portion of the file is binary, I guess it will either be the fields for the above obects (perhaps the output of DBL_FieldCount, BDL_FieldName, BDL_FieldType, DBL_FieldSize) followed by the contents of the table or the rest of the fields for the other table. You see my problem here? So, any ideas? Yonis