BOM update after Starting Production

Hello All,

While updating the BOM after start production, system prompting for re-estimation for each line. How can i make it automatically without this prompt. Your reply will be highly appreciated.

Regards / Santhosh

go to that class and comment that line of code compile that class and retry…hope this will help you.

There is no option to skip the prompt that is displayed after modifying the quantity. Apart from re-estimate it also has option to reschedule, you can do the re-estimate/re-schedule or cancel it and do it after the updating all the required lines.

(or) you can reset the status of production order to created and update the BOM, you will not see that prompt now.

This is the user forum, so i hope the question is not related to development.

Before commenting any standard code, you always need to analyse the impact of that change.

Could you please tell me the class name?

If you are looking for any development related help, please post it on the developer forum.

Ok sure…Thank you…

Please provide me the class details…


The class is used in, \Forms\ProdBOM\Data Sources\ProdBOM\Methods\write

Thank you…

Marking it as answered. Let us know in case of any issue.

Dear Kranthi, Still got confused where to make the change…I did it, but getting some errors. Could you pls help…?

What error you are getting? Please provide more details.

I think i modified the wrong method statement. Could you please mention which method do I have to make the change.

You may need to skip the prompt in \Classes\prodTableChangeQtySched - run method.

But make your change in a way that it will have the less impact. Try skipping the prompt only for your case not forever. Example - only when the quantity modified.

Thank you…its working now…