Production Module AX 2009 - Problem in Actual consumption entry for a Production Order


I have created a BOM where some Item components exists with the quantities. The BOM is used to generate a Production Order. When I change the status to Started, It automatically takes the quantities of Item components depending upon the quantity specified in the BOM and post the picking list accordingly. But my item consumption is actually not the same as the estimated one. So I generated another picking list journal and passed the differential quantities for each item components and post it. I have seen in the price calculation, the quantities mentioned as negative are not considered.

Can anybody let me me know whether the procedure I have adopted is right and how to correct the price calculation and how to find out production cost?


Shantanu Chatterjee

The estimation is the estimation at the point of estimation based upon the BOM, it will not change, however on the estimation details you have a costing sheet tab and an actual option - what does this show you?

I would not actually consume at start if it is always different, I would create the journal, amend as I know them and then post, but this would not resolve your estimation which is what it is, an estimation at start based upon the BOM.

You will see the values in the production posting and the cost estimates report.

You can restrict the picking list for being get posted automatically, so that you can book the actual consumption.(Remove the post picking list now option while starting it). So you have posted the picking list with -ve quantities to adjust the actual, then it should reflected in the Overview costing tab in price calculation but it will not have an impact on the estimated cost…

Thanks, Kranthi. I got the answer. Thanks a lot.