Modify Production Order BOM

Is it possible to change the BOM of a production order after status Start? According to the documentation, it is not. Since the BOM of the order can change after the order has started and an employee has clocked-in, this feature is needed. The same item can have different BOM’s on different production orders. Thanks, Brian

Brian, You can add new items to the Production BOM with status = started. While you cannot delete component items, you can set their required qty = 0, effectively removing the component requirement. Both these ways means you can change the BOM. Hope this helps. Regards, Mark

I just tried this also. It seems possible to RE-start the production order after having added materials. If you have fore-flushing set up, the Picklist Journal will then be created again, with only the newly added materials showing with their qty and the old materials still there but with zero quantity. I thought this was an official Axapta procedure. However: any scrap percentages, added for a new material in the prod order, do not come through. That is a bug. The system totally igrnores the scrap. Evert