Bin Replinshement

Hi , Do any body know : What is Bin Replinishement Report processing only On the movement worksheet → function–> calculate Bin Repenishment What is the prurpose of this batch ?

It provides a recommendation based on bin ranking and min /max levels as to where you should move product from to populate another bin. The report checks to see if there are any bins that are below their minimum. If it finds one then it identifies lower rankin bins that have the same item in it and tries to make a recommendation via the movement worksheet as to what you could do to populate the higher bin with inventory. This process basically helps with stock rotation and ensures that your pickers are being the most productive and picking only from the highest ranked bins.

Thank you Bill , It is really helped me … Do you have any idea about what’s the relation between the FIxed field in BIn content table and this Report? What is this field … what it’s doing excatly …?

Hi Jouhayna. You may want a programmer to look at the code, but from the description of what you are talking about I would guess at the following: Against the location card is the bin selection protocol when bins are mandatory. This is set to “Fixed Bin” or “Last-Used Bin”. The fixed bin indicates each item is assigned a default bin and does not change, whilst last used indicates the “default” bin is the last bin you told the system you put the stock into. If you use directed put-away and pick this field is set to blank. I would therefore guess, that if fixed bin is set to yes, the item only ever uses one bin, and therefore the report is irrelevant as no bin rotation happens. Sounds reasonable to me, but you’ll have to investigate it fully, I may have just written a load of rubbish [:D]