Automated Picks

Hi In wms setup, with zones and bins, the program is capable of automated picks ie upon entering order it directs you where to pick items. This you specified where stored in the put-aways. Qn?? Where do you check mark to allow automated picks? Have looked ‘all over’ no success

Hi Steve Not sure of your version or if this is answering your question as asked, but on the location card in 3.70 on the warehouse tab you have a “Default Bin Selection” field, this directs the system, in a sense to the bin, the choices are: Fixed Bin - The items will be assigned a default bin which will not change. Last-Used Bin indicates that items’ default bins will be set on the basis of the bin where the item was last put away. Blank if the location is set up to use directed put-away and pick. You also on the location card have “Directed Put-away and Pick” tick box. This is used in conjunction with ADCS.