Movement between Bins: Put Away & Pick

Hey Folks,
I got a location having “Directed Put-away and Pick”. I want to represent a random warehouse and therefore make use of the bin proposal by NAV. I have several zones within my Location. One special zone for “Put Away” (Bin Type: “Put Away” only) and another for “Pick” (Bin Types: “Pick” only).
All of my receives shall go into the “Put Away” zone first. This works pretty well for proposed bins. As I now want to move my goods from the “Put Away” zone into the “Pick” zone using the “Movement Worksheet”, NAV requires me to enter a bin within the “Pick” zone manually.

Is there any solution to get proposed bins for the “Pick” zone or is this only possible having proposed bins for zones having “Put Away” includes in their bin types? I don’t want to enter bins manually because I guess this is not what a “random warehouse” is all about.


You could look into using “Internal Picks”. They act as a source document (similar to a Warehouse Shipment) for which “Directed Picking” will assign pick bin.

Thanks for your reply!

I’m referring to NAV 2013. I found a Document called “Whse. Internal Pick” but i did not see any possibility to get a bin assigned too. I have to enter a “To Bin Code” on my own :frowning:

Is it the wrong document?

Use the “Create Pick” function. That will create the pick and assign the bin based on your setup. The “Internal Pick” is just the source document.