Bill of material calculation


If anybody can tell me the Bill of material calculation steps In AX 2009.



hi prakash,

yes srinivas,

In the item details form, click on price then calculation and fill the detials(cost version,site, bom, route version…) then ok.

Is this what you are expecting? if not please eloberate…

hi Kranthi,

If i entered the price(Right bottom corner button) in item master its showing some pending prices and active prices, in that pending price button>overview, in this i filled everything in that and clicked calculation button then the prices which i entered first get Zero in the price column. i dont no what is happening, so that can u explain the brief procedure to work out this problem.



Press calculation and fill in the appropriate fields. Ensure a BOM and Routing is listed. Make sure your costing version is set appropriately depending where you are telling the system to get the costs from.

hi AdamRoue,

If am not created any routes for that perticular BOM then it wont take the costing…


It will not take the costing element of the route. It will still calculate the BOM costs and any related indirects from the costing sheet.


actually what is happening means if i give some prices in item price table for that perticular item it is taking that price after i click the calculation button and i filled that version name, dimensions, BOMs evrything, after i click ok the prices which i given earlier going to be Zero. and it displays like cost price and sales price zero in the price column.

So how is hte costing version you are selevting in the calculation configured to get prices? Sales price is simply a markup anyway, so if the cost is zero the sales price will be zero.


see in the price column automaticaly its taking Zero… eventhough am mentioned the cost ealier after making the calculation its showing zero only.