Calculating Item price via costing version.

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While i am using “Price” button on Item Details page to calculate item. it gives me Price & cost 0 after calculation.

i have entred cost & price for bom lines also i have setup Route accordingly. Both Bom and Route versions are activated & Approved

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Mehul [um]

You would need to tell us your costing method and the other options when calculating the figures.

I have tried with Both Planned & Standard Costing type

Nope you are not telling us anything about the items or calculation setting, so I can only tell you it works and your settings are wrong.

For all the ites & BOM type item i have used Costing group is Direct Materials Costing & its behaviour is variable cost

or please can you tell me which specific which information you want to explore this!?

Lets start with teh settings on the costing version as these are on the calculation, elements like fall back principle for example.


Costing Version:

–Overview Tab–

Costing Type = Standard Cost

Block = No

Block activation = NO


Version values:

Recording restrictin is ticked but disabled

Incl in unit Price is ticked but disabled.

Allow Price Type:

All ticked but Enabled.

– Calculation Tabl–

Cost price model = Version cost price

Fallback principle = None

Profit-Setting = Standard

Explosion mode = Single level

You have a fallback principle of none and a cost price model of version cost price. This means every component you have as a BOM item must be present and active in the current costing version you are using as a calculation for the dimensions set.

Can you confirm every item is aleady active with a price in the costing version? I would guess no as it is returning zero.

Where are you expecting it to get the cost from?

A1: I have added two items in Bom Line and entred Cost/Sales Price for both the items. so the cost of main item(type = BOM) should be calculated from this cost of item of type = item i have attached to BOM line.

But how to ensure that this items are active in costing version or not!!!?

A2: Cost should be come from cost entred for BOM line items.

Do you mean by BOM Version? then ans is yes. I have activated & approved BOM version used for that item.

No it has nothing to do with the BOM version being active, this is referring to the Costing version. The first component line in the BOM you are calculating, lets say the item is item A, then Item A has to have an active price at the site and warehouse in the costing version you are selecting when you run the calculation for your BOM item.

You did not answer the question where you expect the costs to come from, I guess you do not know which is causing you the issue.

If you “think” the BOM should be costed at $xxx.xx tell me why it should be this cost. What have you set where in the system to make this happen. Ignore routes, indirects etc, just items at this stage.

I have created item of type BOM 005 with cost & price = 0

It has two lines (items)

005Line1 with cost 10 price 15

005Line2 with cost 20 price 25.


On item details page i have selected item 005(Main BOM item) & pressed Price button.

New window will pops up here with some buttons on side.

i have pressed “Calculation” button, again new window pops up, filled values on that window (selected costingVersion,BOM etc.) & pressed ok

it returns to ITEM PRICE Page, here it had calculated two types of Price

1 Sales Price which comes 0.

2 Cost which is also 0.

i have entered price & cost in both lines 005Line1 & 005Line2. then also why it calculates this both 0. expected value for the cost is 30. & for Price is 40+Profit%.

Where have you entered the price and cost? Which card and field?

Entred it on Stock Management>ItemDetails form,

Price/Discount Tab.

fields are “Base Cost Price” & “Base Sales Price”.

Entred it on Stock Management>ItemDetails form,

Price/Discount Tab.

fields are under titles

Base Cost Price → “Cost”


Base Sales Price → “Price”

Then those prices are irrelevant.

You have not told the system to look there. You have no fallback principle in the costing version, you have told the system in your calcualtion that the price must be in the active costing version.

So you have two choices.

  1. Change the costing version fallback principle to take into account the item card settings so it looks at the price/discount tab on the item.

  2. On the item record rather than putting the price/cost in the price/discount tab you press the prices button, create the cost and price in there and activate them to they are in the current costing version.

Either would work for you but probably 1 is what you want.

Finally i got something!!

it calculates both cost & price form value entred in COST field.


005Line1 item has value COST PRICE = 10 and SALES PRICE = 20.

005Line2 item has value COST PRICE= 50 and SALES PRICE = 100.

NOW i have added this items as BOM Lines under ITEM 005.

i have fired calculation for item 005

then RESULTS are like:

Cost price = 10+50 = 60

Sales Price = (10 + 10%of costprice ) + (50+ 10% of cost price)

= 11 + 55 = 66.

That is fine as we have set 10% as Profit margin.

BUT now my question is.

if i want to use SALES PRICE entred on 005Line1 & 005Line2 directly for this SALES PRICE calculation,how it is possible?

AS i want Sales Price = 20 + 100 = 120

i want Sales Price 120 not 66,

Means i want calculation not as “cost + %profit” approch i want it as “Sales Price” only

in equation form.

Now it calculates As,

Sales Price = (CostPrice of item 1 + % profit) + (CostPrice of item2 + %profit)

but i want As,

Sales Price = SalesPrice of item1 + Sales Price of item2.

How to set up cost group for this!?

It does not really work this way, it works on a profit setting to get the sales price. The reason for this is that the final product may have costing sheet indirects and you have the routing costs, so it works on a profit of ALL costs, and not just material.

You could however achieve what you want by creating cost groups that are not part of the calcualtion and individual calcualtion groups for the item sets, in this manner it would obey the profit margin set. I guess you have one calcualtion group pointing to the cost group and one cost group. Create a new cost group for your second BOM item and on each cost group define the default percentage. This will be a big setup depending upon the requirements, but will get you what you want.

Ok i got your point, mainly i have observed that,

if we want to use Cost Price specified on Item Details card then use “Planned Costing” Type with fallback Principle option.


if we want to use Cost Price which is active in any perticular version then use “Standard Costing” Type then select version in which you have activated price for parts,

use this without fallback principle.


I have the same problem. I would like to populate a new costing version with purchase prices from Item details > tab Price/Discount and then activate them. But that might not be the correct way of working?