BOM Calculations

I’m currently using Axapta version 4, and am frustrated by the way BOM calculations work.

We have BOMs that run to around 4 levels, and some instruments have many hundreds of line items / routes.

When I run a BOM calculation for the headline item, the end result is fine, and the costs in the Item file are populated perfectly.

Is there a way of auto calculating (and updating the Item file) the costs for all of the sub-assemblies (also BOMs)? From the research that I’ve done, it appears that I have to go into each separate sub-assembly and update the BOM / Item file cost.

Is there a better way?



I cannot remember 4 I am afraid and the calculations have changed. However one restriction still in place relates to standard costing, if you are standard costed it wants you to calculate the sub-assemblies first, if you are not you can generate it for all levels.

Thanks Adam.

We do use standard costs, so I’ll investigate further.


Hi Adam,

Is there any way to calculate all the BOM Calculations in single time (like Batch Processing) and get the updates Cost Price & Sales Price.



Yes and No depending upon the version of AX and costing method of the item.

Hi AdamRoue:

Is it important to use the BOM calculation feature?? in my case I use formulas and I don’t use standard costing , also my sales price define per customer in the price groups.

Please advice

Thanks Adam,

Can you pls guide…how we can get the same or suggest where we can find the tutorial sort of thing…This will be gr8 help.


Sorry I do not understand the question - “how we can get the same”? Customersource/Partnersource has material, as would searching the web. I have nothing specific.

The process of a batch order will create an estimation for each order and depending upon your production parameter settings it will post estimated to WIP or actual. If you use non-standard and you enter the item cost then WIP will be close and the prices will be updated to the price table for future use. Therefore the calculation feature (BOM or Formula) is important, but less so depending upon the setup.