Benchmarking MRP for large item BOMs

One of our prospects (discrete design-to-order manufacturing) has finished item BOMs that consist of up to 3000 components on a single level, quantity of levels is up to 5. MRP needs to be calculated only for a few items simultaniously (2-3 finished items) but due to possible corrections should be done in reasonable time (several hours). Does anyone have an experience with calculation MRP in Attain for such big BOMs? Is the calculation algorithm effecient enough for this case? Thank you Edited by - valdeus on 2002 Jul 15 14:05:30

Hi Vlodymyr, According to documentation and the manuals, navision attain should be able to calculate the MRP plan within ours. As far as my knowledge goes Attain can handle upto 20 Planning Levels and upto 20000 items at a time. What server are you using? if you are using SQl server then the process may be a bit faster than Navision database. Best regards, Prashanth NCFC, NCMC, NCSD