Performance in Navision Manufacturing 4.0

Hello to all of you, We are about to throw ourselves into the implementation of MBS Navision 4.0. Before that we need to be sure about some performance issues in the Manufacturing modules. Especially when using MRP and MPS. Do we have to expect planning and scheduling processes to run several hours or are these just marketing facts of other solutions’ suppliers ? I know the question is far too generic to answer and everything depends on details, but is there anybody who wants to give some clues or share some experience with us ??? Some Details: There will be just 2 or 3 BOM-levels. Lower levels are produced to stock, highest level mostly to customer demand. We expect to run 5 productionlines at a time. Complexity of routing is still to be decided. Planning could be 8 or 12 weeks in advance with the first 4 (semi-) fixed. MBS Navision 4.0 will be running on SQLServer.

Hi, The time to run MRP/MPS will mostly depend on Number of Items, OOpen Sales Order Lines, Open Prod Orders, Open Purchase Orders. But in any Case I had client with 100K items 100K open Sales Orders and 20K open Prod. Orders and time to run MRP was much less then 2 hours. (Maybe 20-30 minutes)