MRP calculates components automatically?

Hi All,

I have always been asked by the customers whether Navision can calculate components automatically in MRP. For example, finished goods A consists of component A1 and A2. When we run Planning Worksheet, we can specify item no. to indicate what item we are going to run MRP. If we want Navision to calculate A, A1 and A2, we have to put in filter string “A|A1|A2”. Is it possible to put in “A”, then Navision calculate A1 and A2 according to BOM? The reason is the BOM may be too complex and planner cannot remember all component items.

I checked Navision documents, and found there is a statement at version 3.10 as following.

With the Make-to-Order option, the planning will investigate the BOM and create additional 1:1 order proposals for those lower level items that are also defined as Make-to-Order. This continues as long as there are Make-to-Order items in the descending BOM structures.

But I tried Make-to-Order for A, A1 and A2, Navision doesn’t calculate A1 and A2 if I only put it “A” at Item No. field when running Planning Worksheet.

Is it can be done at standard system?


The simple answer is “Yes” but you are telling it not to. By filtering on “A” it only ever plans for “A”, it cannot plan for “A1” or “A2” as you have told the system not to with your filter. I am guessing you do not want to run this for all of your items, and therefore you have to find a better way of filtering. For example if the components were purely used in A you could have a product group working in this manner.

The “traditional” approach is to run the planning worksheet with date filters, plan all of your production and then run the requisition worksheet to bring in everything you need to purchase to consolidate your purchasing and take advantage of price breaks.

You could run an MPS calculation filtered by item A, in order to know how many A item you need, then run the MRP without filters to calculate the dependent demand.

But also in this case if you have e.g. production order for item B and need to make or buy some of its components, the MRP will give you suggestion also for B components.

You could also use Replanning function from production order, after you create it for item A.

Hi, guys, thanks for your reply.

I know there are some ways to implement it. I just curious whether it can be done simply according to the training material. Now I got the answer. Thanks. :slight_smile: