Attain Performance

We have just recently upgraded from Navision 2.01 to Attain 3.10 (painful process, but we have moved on… ) In 2.01 our users were able to use the calculate inventory function and have the journal lines populated literally within seconds. In Attain, we have been experiencing nothing but trouble in this area as it is REALLY slow (this can take more that 2-3 minutes for 1 item to calculate) and stops almost all other users from using the system. To date, our own NSC has not been able to find a solution. Have any other users experienced such poor performance? Do any other NSC have any suggestions. We have also had poor performance when calculating MPS and MRP.

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Hi, can you give some more information: How many Items are in the system? How many Open Sales orders? How many Open Purchase Oders? … Production Orders? … Average Level of BOM?

We have approx. 750 item cards, up to 75 open sales orders, 150 open purchase orders, and 1200 firm planned production orders in our system.

Hi, Something wrong in your system. Your solution center should be able to help you. We have 60000 items 50000 Sales orders and 20000 production orders and it takes about 30-45 min to calculate. Nobody is blocked at this time!!!

Try to use the Client Monitor to see which database operations are slowing things down.

You have got a problem here. This is a tiny system. Either that or you have forgotten to mention something. My guess would be that your NSC has made a change to a key or flow field, and this is slowing things down.

Hi David, Appreciate your views on the this problem, but I guess we (the users at this forum) should be careful while pointing out the cause of the flaw directly on an NSC without actually understanding the system or the customisations, users, etc etc. Especially when you are answering to an “End User”, gives an impression to him that his NSC is incompetent or not efficient. Better to measure replies when replying especially to “End Users”. Just a suggestion!! Cheers