Fast work in Navision in manuf. tasks

Hi, All!! Help me!! We have a indusrtial client with about 150 users (potentially) simultaneously working in Navision (3.60) in one hardware server. Besides quantity of BOM = 50000 quantity of Routings = 50000 Average number of lines in BOM = 20 Approximately quantity of Items = 2400000 Approximately quantity of Warehouses 170 Average number of Production Orders simultaneously opened = 20 Average number of lines in Production Orders = 6000 Average number of Movement per day = 400 Average number of lines in Sales Order and Movement = 20 Periodicity of manufacturing plan calculation = 1 week Average number of Purchase Orders per day = 100 Average number of lines in Purchase Order = 50 AND WE DO NOT SURE THAT ATTAIN(with Microsoft SQL Server) CAN PROVIDE FAST WORK(and no sql bugs) FOR USERS. IS IT BETTER TO USE Microsoft Navision Attain Database Server??? OR AXAPTA??? thanks

Hi Alex, You Definitely should not use the Microsoft Navision Attain Database Option. As if you run the Planning then you will probably consume all the 64 GB space. It is better to Use the SQL Option. Make sure you have a good hardware support for speed. Navision Can handle this but you may face a lot of performance issues simply because of the data Size. If possible try to group the Items and then Run the Plan for group on a cyclic basis. Grp 1 = Monday Grp 2 = Tuesday Grp 3 → Wednesday … so on. Then you will decrease the load and also be efficient. Cheers,

Can’t a 3 tier sollution (NAS doing the business logic) help him out ?