Beating a dead NAV horse

I have posted a few threads on the subject of permissions…/44770.aspx…/43977.aspx

It has been determined by my company (even tho i have suggested other recommendations that this forum has provided) (you guys might want to sit down) we need to go about the permissions with the SQL profiler, and a vb parser that will will be ran on each person, fed in to the parser (that will be programmed by myself ) [8o|] and the output of that program will provide sql statements if the user modified, updated, deleted, executed on that table. and this will be used to provide a role for that user.

It amazes me that there are 213 roles currently in our system and these cant be utilized. I figured that the base roles that came with NAV provided by Microsoft would encompass every role users would need even if preforming multiple jobs. I presume we would just need to assign multiple roles to each person if they are doing more than one job.

Even tho Daniel and Matt have suggested that the parser is completely wrong and not the way to do this project (and i agree because you guys work with the product every day, help write/edit NAV books and I hold your recommendations very high) Is there any way on Gods green earth this can be accomplished in this manner, or in a few months will i be nowhere frustrated? I am thinking i already know the answer and it is the latter.

Thanks Dan for the recommendation of capturing SP:StmtCompleted, SQL:BatchCompleted, i am able to see actual sql queries without all the other junk.

PS. don’t kill the messenger

Hi Sean,

where do you work? Are there other NAV positions available in the Arlington area? And who is your NAV partner? That would be the questions I would ask… sorry to read this…

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LOL I would rather not say. I am actually very new to NAV about 4 months now since I started at my new company. I have been a SSRS developer and a jr. sql DBA, and getting in to the world of software development with .net, just trying to do the best I can in the most efficient manner possible, intrigued with NAV and developing for such a robust ERP system.(Mainly i am just doing reports right now, but in my spare time i read as much development for nav as i can) We dont have a development license but i have been reading tutorials on customer source about development and doing as much as i can with the tools provided.(and the advice from the great people on this forum) Since it is a Microsoft product, it follows along with my other sql skill sets. I am just so new to NAV and have been tasked with this project that higher ups feel the parser is the best solution.

It can be accomplished that way, it’s just that you may end up giving permissions that people don’t need. Like I said in another post, if the user goes and looks at Chart of Accounts and drills down into all of the company’s financial info, they will get permission for it, even if they are just some warehouse person packing boxes.

You will probably get frustrated because it takes forever. Users do different things at month end and year end. They may do different workflows for different types of orders and they may not encounter one of those order types while profiler is running.

I wouldn’t build a parser from scratch, though if you don’t have to. Client Monitor (granted, on the client machine and not the server) does the same thing as Profiler, and NAV has a tool to parse that and create permissions from it. In my experience it only gets you part of the way there, and then it is trial and error, but it’s a start. It used to (and may still be) available on the product DVD. I think the folder name was Tools or something. Sorry, it’s been a while.

Again, there is nothing to stop you / your company from doing it this way. It’s just that the whole foundation is made of incorrect assumptions. You will absolutely have roles at the end that will probably be less than SUPER, but more than what the user needs.

Thanks Matt for that info! I really appreciate the time you take to help users on this forum. This recommendation might have just saved me a few weeks of headache

It seems the client monitor is not an option our NAV partner replied to my Granule 2000 question…

“the Client Monitor is only available to Dynamics NAV Advanced Management users and *** is Business Essentials. To obtain the Client Monitor you would have to transition your licensing to AM (and that would be cost prohibitive). We can discuss further if need be, however I highly doubt that it is practical.”

What’s more practical and/or cost prohibitive, adding the client monitor to your license or start a major development project? What about getting your NAV partner involved and help you set that up? I would say out of everything, that is the most practical of all. They have access to already existing tools and should be able to get that done with you fairly quickly.

You’re right, users typically are assigned to multiple roles. The ones that come with the standard database are meant as templates, starting points to tweak. If a certain ‘real life’ role does more or less than what is contained within the NAV role, then you add/remove permissions to/from the role. I’m sure there are issues with many of the roles, but to say “cant utilize” is a bit strong IMO.

Building a SQL Profiler parser is just plain and simple not the right approach. Very cool that you get to work on that though, I bet there’s a ton of development skills that you’ll get from this project.

it seems that we do not have Granule 2000, and to get the AM license is out if the scope for my Company. I have installed NAV on my local machine from the DVD and the demo chronus. Matt if i understood correctly you mentioned that the utility that parses and sets permissions might be on the NAV CD. Does anyone know the location of this file? Or how i can get a sneak peak of the Client monitor and the tool that parses the perms. Even if i can only run it on the demo system it will give me a good idea on how to go-abouts the parsing project.