NAV Freelancer

Hi folks!

Well, I read the posting rules for this forum and I hope for a generous interpretation of this posting to get published [;)]

Those of you who are browsing these forums frequently may know me for a couple of years. I have plenty of experience with nearly everything in touch with NAV, and I boldly claim that I’m a pretty good troubleshooter, especially when it’s about NAV on SQL Server.

So far, I have always worked - more or less - on “customer” site, within inhouse NAV development departments or smaller MBS partners. This will change!

I proudly announce that from beginning next year - 2007 - I will run my own business as NAV freelancer (one of the very few in Germany). [<:o)]

I do not really compete with “official” MBS / MS Dynamics partners (I’m not going to aquire new customers or sell licenses), but I offer my skills and services to both, NAV customers and partners.

For further details please visit my webpage or contact me!

With very best regards,

Welcome to the other side.

Actually the rules for this forum are that you can post new information about your business activities, I read this as within the rules (but that’s just me).

By the way there would be nothing to stop you also posting in the jobs wanted forum.

So Jörg,

a warm welcome from one of the other “few” NAV freelancers in Germany. Hopefully your business is running well.