It's me: a Nav admin!

Hi, a few months ago I was asked by my employer to take the noble task of Navision MS Dynamics Nav 5 admin upon me, a new job (better paycheck) en new challenges for me. I did not know what I was getting myzelf into since we had just started the implementation, so I kind of got drowned in learning, deciding and doubting my own skills. Fortunately everything went rather smooth and we are now officially ‘live’. And I actually manage to fix issues every now and then!

In short: my job has just begun and I already have lots of ‘fun’ experiences with users and error messages. Maybye I should start a blog… [H]

So, finally have time so socialize with my fellow nav-people, and hopefully get some advise every now and then.
I solemly promise to give advise back, as soon as I have the experience and the knowledge to do so!

Hi NotNice!

Thank you for your introduction and welcome to the user group! It’s kind of a challenge you have taken on here. What is your background? Did you get any training before starting or did your employer just through you into it?

they threw my right into it, but I knew what I was getting myself into and everbody knew my knowledge of navision was extremely limited

the previous admin had 1 month to explain everything about the old nav-4 to me, but during that month I also had to do a lot of work for the implementation of nav-5. We had (still have) an excelent partner and those people are more than willing to help me out, give me advice and so on. I will be getting a couple of days of training somewhere next month, just me and a trainer and no other students, very nice!

fortunately for me I worked for 7years as an international trader and at that company we used navision, so I know how the users have to use it and why they have to do things in a certain way, that helps a lot in understanding the problems users have.

When I am not adminning NAV I build websites, the usuall stuff, xhtml, css, php and so on. I used to be this company’s webmaster and they decided I was waisting my tech-skills on the website that’s why I got this job. And because the previous admin was leaving and they needed someone to replace him really really quick