Batch Numbers

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Just want to check and clarify the following.

As from my understanding from Dynamics AX the Batch Number are used mainly for traceability.

The MS partner recommend to use Item number = Batch Number. I don’t quite get that. My question, Can I only use the Batch Numbers for specific Items? Basically part on or part off?

Since that historical transactions used the Batch Number = Item number, what will happeen If I stop using it?

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yeah, your understanding is correct…batchnumbers are used for traceability.

you can use the batch number only for the specific items…you can control it by attaching a dimension group which has “batch number” selected and “not selected”

If a transaction is posted for an item by using the batch number…you can not stop using it…i mean u can not change the dimension group attached to it.

They are probably defining the batch number=item number to give you something to hang it off. The system could automatically generate it, but this is a manual recommendation. trouble is you book item x in 3 times in a month and you sell it, then the batch is the item number, so there is no real traceability. Having the item number as the batch number is meaningless really, it wil always be the batch number. I would ignore it as a recommendation. Set up an auto-number batch number and assign it to the item batch number group, then each time you book it in it will get a unique next number. Of course if the vendor gives you a batch then manually record it and get it in teh system to trace.

Indeed as others have mentioned, trace-ability is the name of the game. We have several items that use our Batch dimension group, and we have two batch number groups:

  1. Batch1 does not create the batch number until Purchase Order registration. This allows the warehouse to receive multiple batches for a given line

  2. Batch2 generates as soon as a Production or Purchase order is created. This is based on the assumption that there is a one to one relationship and only one batch # will be produced for each order.


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