Batch Number Group per Site

Hi all,

I have set up a Batch number group for an item which is batch controlled. Two sites are using the same item.

Is it possible to have a different batch number group set up for each of the sites. For example:

  • SiteA001, SiteA002 …

  • SiteB001, SiteB002 …

Thanks in advance.

That would need a customization. The question is why you need it, it would be the receipt site, you could move it to the other and it is the storage dimension of where it is now that is more important.

Thanks for your reply. It was requested by the customer as a way of easily telling the difference between items sitting in the different sites. However as you say, the storage dimensions can be used for this purpose instead.

Is it possible to have the same batch number sequences used for different items? For example:
Batch number sequence: BAT###

Item A:

Item B:

I suspect that the only way to configure this is by creating a separate number sequence for every item that is batch controlled. However given the number of items this would be very time consuming, not to mention redundant.

Please let me know if there is an alternative way of doing this.


If you want each one to be the same automatically but not the same sequence you would need a number sequence per item. However you are creating your own system here, so why go to all of that work, it is a tracking mechanism, set the system up to reference the source document and perhaps the date - the same number is not relevant to you as it gives you nothing!

Having the storage dimension I would not suggest because you would have to change the reference as it entered a site through a transfer order.

Thanks very much for your help!