Batch Number

Hi All

I go through the Batch Number manual and create the test Purchase order for automatic allocation of batch number, but what i notice here is when i invoice it, then it is generating the batch number. I think it should take it automatically.

Can you also give me an idea in respect to logistics who we can use and what is the use. What i know is through the batch number we can maintain the product which have the expiry date.

And one more thing, is there any report in AX through which we can generate the list o item which got expired in the stock.


Hi Imran,

you might of setup auto batch number to that particular item. did you mentioned Batch number group at item master? In Number group form, you might of setup the Number Sequence for Batch numbers. so its generating batch numbers. check the setups.

Batch number purpose, it will be assigned to set of items items and its majorly used for the purpose of 1.Tracing purposes, 2. Quality assurance, 3. Warranties

Coming to reports, we don’t have any standard report as of such. we need to go with customization.


Hi Sarathy, Thnks for the reply.

I have check the setup, batch group is assined to the item. In number group form i select the sequence number only as i want the structure like that. What else i will make the setup.

What i want is when i create the PO Batch number will generated automatic and assign to the Item. And one more thing i notice when the Batch Number generated after invoicing , the expiry date and manufacturing date are same.