Tracking Products With a Serial Number

Hi all,

I Want to Find and Trace Products in Dynamics Ax With Serial Number, For Example who Product , when Product ,…


The Serial number and Batch Number is used for tracking purpose.

For the given scenario, the following setups to be done in AX.

  1. Inventory Dimension Serial number is to be activated in the Dimension group form and the corresponding dimernsion group is attached to the item Laptop.
  2. Create Number Groups (Inventory Mangement → Setup —> Dimensions —> Number Groups). Create a number group for the Item - Laptop.
  3. Open the Number Groups form, and update the following check boxes - Only for inventory Transactions, On physical update, Number sequence No, Per Qty - 1 (One) based on the given scenario
  4. Then Create a Number Sequence and attach it to the field Number Sequence

My suggestion is you can create a two item, Laptop - Final product for selling, Laptop-Raw - Purchase Item(ordered item)

and follow the above said settings and create & attach 2 different number groups.

Then while receiving material, you can do Registeration on posting packing slip.

At the time of sales delivery of items, you can do Reservation on posting Sales packing slip.

In the Transactions form, you can check which serial number has been used for selling item**.**

Is the item set with item tracking and the serial number dimension? Just trace it from the Inquiries or any transaction screen.

hi Shantiya

thanks for help

but i want to product tracking in production or inventory managment , and not in sell

in fact i want to product tracking by serial number , who producted ,what time producted , when producted, …


So set the dimension group to allow blank on pick - seems a waste though as if you find an issue you will have no idea where it has gone!