Backup problems are going on ! Error 1190 in Modul

Hi, Some weeks ago i posted a “Help-Announcement” in hope to get a solution to my problem. But nothing happens. I check the codefields in my table “G/L Entry” for “blank-charakters” but there are non. Does anybody has a report to get the wrong record? Or does anybody know how to solve this problem? THANK You !!!

Murat, You got many answers to your “HELP-ANNOUNCEMENT”! If you just cared to go in and read the answers! And next step is then to try out the suggestions, and if they don’t work, then you must clerify your question as to it is not very specific. To me it looks like you haven’t really BUT WHAT YOU DON’T DO IS TO ASK THEN SAME QUESTION 4 TIMES!! That is not what is considered according to the netethics! That’s considered rude and bad! It’s call cross-posting and is not allowed! This website is based on other users who helps whenever they can, and if nobody is answering you (that happens - but not in this case) then you cannot expect to find the help here. Nobody get paid for this help! And nobody has to pay. So if you WANT help immediatly then contact your Navision reseller. And my final issue is that you should post this question in the right forum: “Attain/Financials Errors etc.” (but don’t do anything now - I’m moving it).