Error 1192 in Module 19

After uploading new Customers and Vendors to the Customer and Vendor tables I get an “Error 1192 in Module 19” when I run a test of the Primary Keys which, is the No. field in each table. I believe Module 19 = Database. Does anyone know what may be causing this and a fix??? This is preventing the Backup from completing. Thanks in advance

The description for Error 1192 in Module 19 is: #Err_DB_BoolOutOfRange DB_Err(1192) Maybe some of the data imported was not correctly validated? Are you using Navision-DB or SQL-Server? Additionally, you can find a list of Internal Errors here:

Thanks Nelson, I am using Navision-DB What would be an example of the validation? I am not clear on how that would work. Thanks again

Reading your other posts, it looks like you imported your Customer and Vendor data from CSV files and are now getting errors with these tables primary keys. - Did you re-generate the new “No.” primary key in Navision or did you also import an existing primary key from the CSV files? - If it was imported, were there any lowercase characters in this field’s data?

Nelson - you are correct - I imported data from a CSV file into the Customer and Vendor tables. The primary key appears to be “No.”, which I did import in and did not let Navision specify. There were no lowercase characters used in this field’s data. Thanks for your time.

Hi, I too had the same problem while importing the Master tables like Item,G/L Account,Customer,Vendor on NA3.60 … I had also posted the same question a couple of weeks back on the forum,but couldn’t sortout. Now i have a alternative, which may help u too. Now use the same dataport to export the data to a CSV file. Delete all the records in the table, reimport the CSV file exported using the same dataport. Now if u run the Test, there won’t be any error. Note : In case u have some ledger entries already posted for these Master tables, then make sure to block the code in the OnDelete() trigger of the table, before deleting. cheers, JHC

No need to delete anything. Just create small report that goes through all records in your table(s) and capitalizes all characters in those fields that have “Code” datatype. Until data in these fields contains small letters you will get this error and you will not be able even to make a backup of your database using Navision backup tool.

All of my code fields are Capitalized so looks like I need to delete my Customer and Vendor table and reimport. Can someome tell me how to block the code in the OnDelete() trigger of a table? Thanks for all the help!!!

You can create a report that deletes the customer and vendor tables. If you only write DELETE then the code in OnDelete trigger is not executed. Only DELETE(TRUE) calls the code. If you are deleting it manually, without writing code, you need to take away the code in OnDelete trigger. Regards Daniel