back-up error message

hi, im doing regular back-up from the store, there using sql native.

LS Retail NAV 5.01

here’s the error message

thanks in advance!

hi glennyboy,

Can you blow up your error msg, we cant read it.

there are duplicate entries in g/l Account table. correct the same…

hi shona, thanks for the quick reply;

here’s the error message,

hi anil, thanks for quick reply,

i will check if theres any duplicate entries in g/l account table.

ill update later.


hi, i already check G/L Account, same error message while using backup in NAV.

any other solution?

thanks in advance!

hi dear…

is the error cleared? did you did as its said in the error msg and still geting the same error?


“Internal error 1190 in module 19” means “#Err_DB_AlphaTypeIncorrect”, which means that there is an error in the code field.

Possibly there are stored lowercase characters in a code field and/or leading/trailing spaces.
To fix the table, you have to make sure that there are only uppercase chars w/o leading/trailing spaces with something like this:

NewValue := UPPERCASE(DELCHR(FORMAT(OldValue),’<>’,’ '));

hi, its already solved, causing the error is strange character on the field, retype the description.

thanks for the reply!