Axapta Object Server is stopping without any probl

Axapta Object Server is stopping without any problems After the move on a new machine (same hardware and os) I have a serious problem with one of our object servers. It happens one time each day that the object server moves to stop-status without obviously problems (no database problem and also the machine where the object server runs looks normal). In the logfile i can only see one error in the appli-log which matches with the crash. “Server Manager: Fatal socket error 10004 occured while receiving service requests from clients” When i start the Objectserver again it works fine again for about the next 24 hours. Do you have some suggestions to solve the problem? txs phil

Hi Phil, I have come across this error in the past. But so far haven’t had any concrete solution yet. But you can avoid (at least to a certain extent) errors of this nature by following some guide lines - 1. Make sure that all clients are updated to the same version/SP of AOS. 2. Try to schedule stopping/starting AOS on a daily basis. Obviously when doing this no users should be connected to AOS. (As to how to schedule start/stop, please search in this forum.) 3. If you are using machine name, try using IP address. 4. The “Open application files in exclusive mode” is unchecked. That’s all comes to top of my mind. But if you search for “AOS” in this forum, definitely you will come across so many useful tips. Good luck, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harrish, I got the same problem but I tried to search on “how to reschedule start/stop AOS service” but I cannot find it, can u tell how to do it. thanks, Arman