Axapta crapping out

Hi all. New to this forum. I get the following errors when trying to post orders and invoicing: Event Type: Error Event Source: Axapta Object Server Event Category: None Event ID: 127 Date: 9/3/2004 Time: 10:31:28 AM User: N/A Computer: AOS Description: Object Server Axapta: Exception occurred in server thread for user ABCD. Server has terminated connection to client. Right before that there were some warnings with the following message: Object Server Axapta: Exception 0xc0000005 occured in thread 0x714 handling session 7 Could someone please help us and direct to a solution?[?][?][?]

Got another error from Axapta server object: Server Manager: Fatal socket error 10004 occured while receiving service requests from clients. Helpppp!!!

Hi It seems your network connections are somehow bad. I think you should check your settings there.