Axapta Integration

Hi Friends

I have a Task to be done.Please Help me out in doing so.

I have a ServerA in which SQL Server 2008 is Installed and i have two other systems namely SystemB , SystemC(Both Contaning Windows server 2008 installed).Here SystemB , SystemC and ServerA are on **same domain.**Now here my challenge is to Install Axapta in SystemB and Windows share point Services 3.0 to be installed in SystemC by making use of SQL Server Installed in ServerA .Please suggest me how to Connect to the SQL Server installed in ServerA while installing Axapta and how to estabish the connection to Ser verA , SystemB with SystemC while installing WSS3.0.

Main Objective in doing this is Making use of Enterprise Portal with SQL Server , Axapta(Enterprise portal and Role center Frame work) and wss 3.0 Installed in different systems but all are in same Domain.Please Suggest me about the Solution

Thank you


Refer to Installation and Configuration manual it should have some thing to start on.