Axapta talk to Axapta

Hi everybody, Has anyone ever tried to make 2 Axapta applications (running in different Domains) “talk” to each other? if yes, please share your solution to me. Thanks a lot. Khue Trinh

Hi Khue, Do you mean two different Axapta applications from two different domains? Also can you elaborate what you mean by ‘talk’ please. I have had users from a different domain connecting to the AOS/Appl/SQL Server sitting in a different domain. To add more flavor, remote users came through 2 firewalls - one on their end and one on the server end. But I guess this is not what you are after. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Yes, Harish We want to connect 2 diferrent Axapta applications of 2 countries. “different” means both Business and technical sites.

Hi Khue, I think I remember another posting from you saying that your company is trying to synchronize the Axapta instance in Europe with the one in Vietnam. Is that what you refer to? If yes, i’m thinking of the business connector of Axapta in an ASP page, used once for the Axapta on the server (e.g. server is in Europe) and in the same place for the Axapta from the client (e.g. Vietnam). I don’t tested this, but i should work. You can have in this example listed on the same page, the customers from both the instances. Does this answer your question? Regards, Ciprian

Hi Khue, Pardon me for my ignorance - but I am still not clear what you are trying to achieve here. When you say ‘talk/connect’ do you mean - exchange of information (PO/SO etc) - If so have you thought going down BizTalk route. As you are aware, always a spot on, clearly identified requirement leads to an appropriate solution. Cheers, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Both, Let me describe a litle about our project. 1. Yes, We want to replicate data between 2(and more) sites. We have DK staff in Vietnam also and these staff works for DK company and using Axapta application of Denmark. The data should be PO/SO and Invoices, Marking trans… For this, now I didn’t found any better solution other than Business Connector through the Internet like Ciprian said. I’ve already tested and it worked (so…so) 2. For different applications, what we are planing to do is to make them become 2 linked companies. E.g: PO of Denmark (Mother company) should becomes SO of Vietnam (Manufature company) This I have thought about BIZTALK as Harish said. But it seems to be so slow when the number of data is large. Do you have any hints or experience of using BIZTALK - Axapta to share and help me, Harish?

Hi Khue, I have done some amount of BizTalk in the past. Before we proceed ahead, can you let me know the following please - - what is the amount of data are we talking about - also can you let me know how you have implemented BizTalk please. If it is of convenient to you, please do not hesitate to drop me an email. Kind regards, Harish Mohanbabu

sorry Harish, Last time, we ask a consultant to set up the BIZTALK. so I don’t know much about his setting. Now we have to try many other ways… it’s a shame