Axapta and Outlook

Whenever a user starts Axapta it tries to connect to Outlook, eventhough the Synchronise option if turned of in the Employees table. The user has to wait until the outlook warning apears that asks to confirm an external connection. How can we prevent this? Thanks Geuko Rooseboom

If you could answer a few questions to provide a bit more information it might help: What version of Axapta are you running? Do you have the CRM module installed? What is the operating system on the user’s machine? Is it just one user that has the problem, or all users? If other users do not have the same problem, which operating system are they running? What is the exact wording of the message that appears?

We are running Axapta 2.5 MP3 and the CRM module is installed. Alle users have the problem as soon as the User is linked to the Employee in the Employee Table. All users are running W2K. The message comes from outlook saying that an external program is trying to access outlook. It provides the possibility to allow acces for 1 to 130 minutes, or no access. Geuko

Its a bit technical: The function \Classes\StartupPost (launched at startup) Axapta is trying to establish a connection with outlook through the Class ‘smmInit\Construct’ Here i have commented out the line that initializes the Email event Handler : // smminit.initEMailEventHandler(); this solves the problem, it has some consequenses when you want to save sent e-mails in Axapta. Geuko Rooseboom DECOPROJEKT.COM