Ax. 3.0 SP4 / Citrix / Outlookintegration

Hi, i have installed Ax. 2.5 / SP2 and afterwards Ax. 3.0 SP4 (in different directories !) on our metaframe server. When i open up the publishied Ax. 3-tier i get ***** Error Message (09:05:53) COM object of class ‘axapta.sync’ could not be created. Ensure that the object has been properly registered on computer ‘CGAACTX02’. Error Message (09:05:53) Object ‘COM’ could not be created Warning Message (09:05:53)\Synchronization Axapta is unable to find and use SmmAxOL.DLL. Please close Axapta and ensure the dll is registered on the PC, then restart Axapta. **** Any good ideas why / how i can getthis fixed? Thanx Pirmin

Hi Pirmin, Have you tryied installing again the Axapta client (standard) and then the Axapta SP4 client update on the computer from where you run in 3-tier?

Hi Pirmin, We have been using Citrix Metaframe for over a year now with out any problem. In your Citrix server are you able to run Axapta? Please let us know. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi, well it seems to be an issue with having (1st) installed Ax. 2.5 / SP2 and the Ax 3.0 SP4 (both in differend dircetories) Reinstalled… Same thing Any ideas? Pirmin

Hi Pirmin, Just now I remembered something. When Axapta (either at the Citrix server itself or as Citrix client) is opened, CRM would try to synchronise with Outlook. But Axapta can never synchronise with Outlook this way. To confirm this, perhaps you could disable Outlook integration for an user and then try to log in as that user. Hope this helps, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harish, yes this is due to the outlook synchronization… but why shouldn’t it work? … THX Pirmin

Why can’t CRM sync with Outlook in a terminal session? Is this something about the way that Outlook works with the COM object?