Axapta 2.5 / SP2 Win XP SP 2 Office XP Outlook

Helllo, since we have installed the 1st pc on WinXP / Office XP each time we start Axapta (2.5 /Sp2) on that box, outlooks pops up and asks 4 “A programm is trying to access e-mail…” Allow access for … If i say yes, it’s ok for the time i have Axapta open, but when in re-open Axapta next time, i’m asked again … very boreing… anygood hints how to avoid this? Thx Pirmin

Hi Pirmin Are you really using CRM Outlook integration? If yes, there are some articles on Axapta Technet on that. If you have an Exchange Server, you are lucky. If not, you can install some kind of “ClickYes” utility. If the message pops up and you do NOT want to integrate to outlook: Check your feature key settings under the “CRM” branch. Disable everything that sounds like E-Mail or Outlook.